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Healthy Harold is here to answer your questions

December 6, 2020 2:15PM Kids News

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Have you got a question for Healthy Harold? media_cameraHave you got a question for Healthy Harold?

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Welcome to Ask Healthy Harold!

Every week in Kids News I will be answering questions on how to stay safe, happy and healthy — just like me!

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m the healthy giraffe that has been visiting schools with Life Education for more than 40 years. And now I’m here at Kids News so you can ask me a question any time. 

Below are some examples of the questions kids just like you have asked me. These questions are about the summer holidays, which we are all looking forward to after a tough year.

You can send your questions to me by clicking HERE. Please don’t include names and personal information about yourself or others. It’s important we respect everyone’s privacy.

Q: Why do we have to wear sunscreen?
The Australian sun is very harsh, and we have to protect our skin from sunburn. So, before you go to the beach, swim in a pool or play outside make sure you wear plenty of strong sunscreen. A rash top is perfect for protecting your arms when swimming and a hat is always a good idea when spending lots of time in the sun. You might even want to wear sunglasses (they even look cool!) Don’t forget to give yourself a break from the sun and find some shade.

Sun protection media_cameraIt’s important to protect our skin by applying sunscreen when outdoors.

Q: I’m from the country and we will be having our holiday on the coast — is the beach dangerous?
Like anywhere, the beach can be dangerous if we are not careful. The best thing to do at the beach is swim between the yellow and red flags. Make sure you are always close to an adult and be sure to let the grown-ups know where you will be. The sun is very bright on the beach because it reflects light from the white sand and the water – and it’s much easier for your skin to burn so, like I said before, wear lots of sunscreen!

Q: We already have rules at school so should we have rules at home too?
Rules are a good way of making sure everybody understands what’s right and what’s not right. So, rules at home are good for making sure all members of your family are happy! It’s good fun to sit down with Mum, Dad or both to write-out a list of rules — and even better if everybody sticks to them! After all, your parents have rules to keep you safe. Speaking of safety, you should talk to your parents or carers about the family home’s safety plan. It’s a very good idea to have a list of phone numbers you can ring if there is an emergency. Try to be aware of your surroundings. If you notice anything about smoke or anything else unusual, make sure you tell a trusted adult. You can also check out the Triple Zero Kids’ Challenge app.

Family Mountain Bike Riding Together on Sunny Day media_cameraA bike ride is a good way to get active and spend some fun time with your family during the holidays.

Q: It’s been a very hard year for my family and lots of people because of COVID so how can we have a happy holiday?
It has been a hard year, and well done for getting to the end of it! I know it’s been very challenging in Victoria and I really hope you and your family have a happy and healthy holiday. The best way to enjoy your holiday is spending time with your friends, family and pets, and getting plenty of fresh air! Do things you love doing. The holidays are a good time for reaching out to family members you haven’t seen for a while, such as your grandparents and cousins. Family reunions are always fun!

media_cameraHealthy Harold says there’s lots of fun to be had in the kitchen when you help prepare family meals.


We all know Christmas is great because of the special treats. Lollies, ice cream and cakes are all part of the fun but try not to eat too much!

Don’t forget the holidays are perfect for exercising and staying healthy — and you can even help others by helping out with the family food shopping.

Not only can you help select foods, you can help cook them! The kitchen can be so much fun.

You can even ask an adult to help grow your favourite vegetables. Remember food doesn’t just taste good, it can look great on the plate. Try making a rainbow with colourful fruit and vegetables. It’ll look almost too good to eat!

How much sugar is too much?

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