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Artwork for Kids News kit on How the World Celebrates Christmas

50 fun activities on the history of Christmas


Our feature series and 50-activity workbook will help students understand the history and evolution of Christmas, the religious and cultural aspects of its celebration and how traditions vary across the world

25/11/2002. Adam Schwarz gets ready for Hanukkah at the Jewish Museum.

‘Tis the season for customs and traditions


PART 1: It’s an exciting time of year — school’s almost over, holidays are about to begin and kids around the world are preparing to celebrate Christmas or other cultural festivals

Red Christmas ball with bow. Image made ​​using photos at native resolution.

The history behind our decorations


PART 2: The reasons why we hang tinsel, stars and baubles on our trees at Christmas stem back hundreds of years. Discover the stories behind our favourite decorations, characters and traditions


Festive foods and where they come from

Weight gain, Christmas.

PART 3: Ham, plum pudding and prawns on the BBQ are all traditional Christmas foods in Australia, but how did these festive delicacies originally make their way to the Christmas table?

Interesting tales behind our popular carols

A pretty young girl in a Christmas outfit singing Christmas carols or with an expression of surprise on her face (shallow DOF with focus of face).

PART 4: Do you hear what I hear? It’s the sounds of Christmas in song. There are many interesting stories behind some of our most popular carols — one is even written in code!

Santa films you can watch over and over

Jim Carrey in the movie the Grinch that Stole Christmas

PART: 5: Here’s our guide to the best Christmas movies for children. But watch out, their storylines offer a mix of laughs, wishes, hope and most feature the jolly man in the red suit

How to have a greener and cleaner Christmas

Handmade is a big trend so forget about buying new glittery sheets of festive themed gift wrapping paper. Australian’s are getting much more crafty and embracing the handmade touch at Christmas ... upcycling every day materials into something gorgeous like vintage jars or paper doilies for example are inexpensive and fun ways to go, craft queen, Fiona Michelon says.

PART 6: This time of year shouldn't be about buying things we don’t need and sending rubbish and unwanted gifts to landfill. Here are 10 tips on how to have a sustainable Christmas

Anyway you say it, it’s a merry greeting

Merry Christmas in different languages

PART 7: Learn how to say Merry Christmas in 20 different languages and discover 10 amazing festive facts and some of the strangest yuletide world records