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Digital inquiry kit: How the World Celebrates Christmas

Toni Hetherington, December 4, 2019 11:00PM Kids News

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Kids News is pleased to launch this digital inquiry kit on How the World Celebrates Christmas.

It comes with 50 activities about Christmas in a digital workbook for just $5 including GST.

The kit will help students understand the history and evolution of Christmas, the religious and cultural aspects of its celebration and how traditions vary across the world.

It aims to encourage students to consider how they can think of and spread kindness to others during the festive season. Plus there are fun activities to get students into the Christmas spirit!

The kit content covers:

  • World festivals of Christmas
  • History of common traditions and characters
  • Food, culture, songs and movies of Christmas
  • How to have a sustainable Christmas
  • How to say Merry Christmas across the world
  • Fun Christmas facts and world records

The workbook is supported by feature stories on How the World Celebrates Christmas under our Education Kits topic page at

These stories will assist your students to answer the questions in the workbook.

To purchase the workbook, clickHERE

Or visit

Note: No printed papers will be included with the kit.

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